How Toronto Roofing Contractors Can Help With Leaks after a Heavy Storm

How Toronto Roofing Contractors Can Help With Leaks after a Heavy Storm

It’s not uncommon to have roof leak problems following a heavy storm. The heavy wind and rains that come with stormy weather can cause roof damage to occur in your home. Even the smallest defects within the roof can allow water infiltration to take place. After the stormy, toronto roofing contractors have a job to do. They have to repair the damages done and put things in order in your roof.

Causes of Roof Leaks in Stormy Weather

There are several things that may cause the roofs to start leaking after going through the storm. Skylights for example are vulnerable to leaks after the heavy rains. No matter how these lighting structures are well installed, they will begin to fail when there is heavy rain accompanied by wind. While you may not have leaks developing in any rain condition, if the there are strong winds and heavy rains, it is more likely to experience leaks in your skylights.

Vent Stacks and Vent Hoods

You may also notice issues with the plumbing system in your home that causes the roof to leak. If there is an incorrectly installed or broken plumbing vent stack, it will leak in time of heavy rains. Besides, fan vent hood flashing may experience the same problem in stormy weather. Furnace flu flashings are also known to develop issues of leaks during bad weather, especially heavy rains.


You may have leaks developing in chimneys made of brick and mortar when water infiltration occurs in cracks within the mortar joints and cap. When there is too much rain, water is going to soak into the chimney mortar and seep down into the house. If you are having leaks, look at the chimney chase and the top areas to see if there are cracked joints. Sometimes, there may be missing bricks or the bricks themselves are cracked. The siding of the chimney also called the chase can be a problem too. If the chase is splitting, rotten or has missing wood siding, it can leak to leaks. The chase caps or tops can hold water that makes the caulk to fail and let water seep in to the chimney’s firebox area.

Damages within a Roof

Your roofing system provides protection against rain and other elements like strong winds that could take their toll on your house. If there are damages within a roof, they may also contribute to leaks. Blown off shingles, downed tree limb, blown off ridge vent and other problems with the room can lead to leaks when there is a heavy storm.toronto roofing

Seeking a Roofing Contractor

You can measures to prevent further damage occurring to your belongings. Calling one of the trusted contractors offering toronto roofing services will assist to resolve the problem. The roofers will repair inspect the home to see which areas are causing the leaks. If it is the shingles, the roofer will cover them with a tarp. A replacement may also be an option. The toronto roofing contractor will go up the attic to locate any possible causes of a leak.

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