Installing a Disguising Wall Safe with Help of Toronto Electrical Contractors

Installing a Disguising Wall Safe with Help of Toronto Electrical Contractors

Many people have valuables in their homes they would want to store safely. A safe can be used to lock up the valuables, however the problem is that it tends to draw attention to people. You may want to consider a hiding spot that can conceal your valuables and be just as effective as the heavy safe, but this time, it is much cheaper to install. That’s a wall sage that comprises electrical outlet hardware. You can consult with Toronto electrical contractors to have them design the wall safe for you. You can use it to store some precious coins, jewelry, cash, or other small possessions.

An unconnected electrical outlet can work for you, but you can still have it modified so that it is connected just in case you want it so. But remember that if the wall safe is going to be connected, it should have a switch where you can put it on and off.

To create the wall safe that is in form of an electrical outlet, you will need to purchase some components that include an electrical gang box. This is the housing separating the insulation inside the walls from the electrical outlet hardware. You also need an outlet plate and the type you choose will depend. You can go with the typical electrical outlet plate although because it is not connected to the electricity, it won’t be operable. Also, the hardware on the outside of the wall may take some space, unless you want to dig into the wall. A solid outlet place may probably work better.

Other things needed include drywall knife, study finder, small screwdrivers, and a pencil. Electricians who know how to make a wall sage using electrical outlet should be able to install it easily. The reason such kind of a safe may be effective is because intruders will think that it is just an electrical panel or something of the sort and they won’t bother tampering with it. In most cases, they will want to go for the typical safe. An electrician will fit the wall safe on a spot that you would naturally find other electrical outlets installed. So the level of height is very important to make sure people perceive it as just a normal electrical outlet.electrical-contractors

Because the outlet is unconnected to the electricity, when you want to place or remove valuables, you use a screwdriver to open it. Although the possessions aren’t actually locked up, it is likely that no one will think that it is a safe and they won’t find them. Another way to do it is have an existing outlet that is not in use. However, you will need an electrician to disconnect it and finish up the work. Having valuables put in a live outlet may increase the risk of having fire in the house.

There are many options when you want to have a wall safe that isn’t the typical safe but a kind of electrical outlet. Toronto electrical contractors are well equipped to help you with your safe installation. You may also call them if you want to install an automated safe that uses electrical chips to operate.

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